July 10, 2018

Preventing Emergency Home Repairs During The Year

That Ole Handyman Charlotte To The Rescue

A home is often in need of repairs. There could be plumbing issues, carpentry needs and more. Sometimes, you just want to paint your living room or bedroom in a new color. However, handyman services are becoming extinct these days. Many local service repair companies only work for big ticket jobs, leaving the small but important works behind.

At That Good Ole Handyman, we understand all the big and small needs of your home or office. Just one call and you will get flooring, carpentry, painting, and handyman services right at your doorstep at a very reasonable cost. You don’t have to carry a tool box with you or go through the hassle of buying a drill machine just because you need to screw some nails for hanging a photo frame every third year. Leave the headache to us and let us handle all the repair jobs of your home.

We believe that homeowners should be spared the hassle of doing all small repair jobs themselves. Most homeowners would never do the small repair work in their homes. Over time, they become big problems and cost more to get fixed. On other occasions, homeowners find it very expensive to call a handyman for a small job because hourly rates are not small repair friendly.

We are bringing a revolution in the way repairs are undertaken. Contact us and we will help you fix everything in your house. Whether you want to paint one wall or paint your whole house, design a new furniture, fix an old cabinet, repair the flooring or create a new shelve or table for your dining room, we can do it all. We have 30 years of cumulative experience in performing home repair jobs.

Don’t wait until that emergency hits, call now for a home inspection by That Good Ole Handyman. 

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