Handyman Fence Repair

Over time, fences can develop numerous small problems due to weathering, improper installation and age-related deterioration. Wood fences are particularly vulnerable to rotting, splitting and twisting, especially if the wood has become infested with termites or it hasn’t been regularly painted or stained.

Both wood and vinyl fences are susceptible to problems with the fence posts such as splitting, wobbling or breaks. Fence sections can also require repair; damage caused by pets, impacts from vehicles or rot from vegetation overgrowth are all reasons why you may need to have a section of your wood or vinyl fence replaced.

Another very common problem with all types of residential fencing is sagging gates; over time, your fence gate may sag, preventing it from closing properly. This may be caused by bent hinges, stripped fasteners or misalignment with the adjoining fence. If you need a new fence installed, or you’d like to have your existing residential fence repaired, we can help. Call or email That Good Ole Handyman today to learn more about our new fence installation and fence repair services.

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Your Handyman is Your Best Friend

Some of the requests are for jobs so small that most home improvement contractors don’t have the time or inclination to do them. Good Ole Handyman is willing to do almost any handyman job that may take no longer than an hour to complete.

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