French Drain Repair, Standing Water Repairs

Charlotte, NC: French Drains, Lawn Drainage, Standing water

The Good Ole Handyman in Charlotte, NC offers affordable French drain installation and repairs for Charlotte homeowners.
We can help improve your lawn drainage and reduce the risk of your Charlotte property flooding, protecting you against the high cost of water damage to your home and yard.

Common Causes of Charlotte Property Flooding

Thanks to Charlotte’s humid climate, low elevation and frequent rain and thunderstorms, properties throughout Charlotte are vulnerable to the effects of standing water and property flooding.

Problems with poor lawn drainage around Charlotte homes and outbuildings can be the result of soil erosion, damaged French drains, moist foundation soil or insufficient land grading to direct water away from foundation walls. Flooding of Charlotte yards, driveways and lots can also be caused by a lack of drainage systems and elevation issues, leading to standing water.

Charlotte: The Impact of Poor Lawn Drainage

Standing water and seasonal property flooding can cause serious damage to Charlotte homes, garages and other structures; excessive moisture in the foundation or crawlspace can lead to mold overgrowth, insect infestation, buckled flooring and wood rot.

Water and moisture can compromise the safety of electrical, gas and plumbing systems, leading to rusted pipes and damaged wiring. Property flooding also poses a serious health risk; standing, stagnant water attracts disease-carrying rodents, mosquitoes and other pests.

Charlotte: How To Correct Lawn Drainage Problems

In most cases, issues with poor lawn drainage, wet crawlspaces and property flooding can be corrected with light excavation, French drains and runoff diversion.

Because water always travels downhill, the first step in addressing any flooding issues is to assess the grade of the lot and plan a route for water diversion. Fill such as soil and gravel might need to be added around the foundation of the house to create a sufficient slope for water re-routing; a French drain may also be needed to protect the crawlspace against standing water and moisture.

Charlotte: French Drains

French drains installed around your Charlotte Home, (also known as a blind or rock drain) are effective and affordable, making this type of lawn drainage popular among property owners.

French drains consist of a shallow, sloped trench that is filled with a perforated pipe, then covered with gravel; excess water runs into the trench and is directed away from the house or property through the pipe. Depending on the location, the excess water is directed into the street, a drainage ditch or dry well.

Charlotte French Drain Repairs

While correctly-installed in your Charlotte, NC home French drains usually require very little maintenance, over time they can become clogged with mud, leaves, tree roots or other debris. The pipes within French drains can crack and collapse, especially if vehicles, building materials or other heavy objects have be placed on top of the drainage trench.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning French drain include property flooding, standing water and wet, soggy areas on your yard. Existing French drains can be repaired by locating and replacing the broken or clogged pipe, increasing the slope of the trench and installing a new, larger drain pipe.

Since 1984, That Good Ole Handyman has provided Charlotte homeowners with affordable, quality home repair and maintenance services; we’re proud of our A+ rating with the Greater Charlotte, NC Better Business Bureau. We can fix your property flooding and lawn drainage issues by installing and repairing French drains, performing light excavation and correcting the grade of your property – call or email us today.

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