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The first thought that comes to mind when gutter cleaning is mentioned is the inside of the gutters that fill up with leaves, seeds, twigs, dirt and roof granules. The other thought is the outside of the gutters that become stained which reduces the aesthetic appearance of the gutters. Let’s address both.

Each year when the leaves fill gutters they require cleaning whether they are cleaned or not. The cleaning is necessary to keep the rain water draining to and through the downspouts. Often times the leaves and debris and left from one season to another and the debris decomposes to dirt which in turn clogs the downspout and creates an environment for water to overflow the gutters and if left uncleaned long enough for plant life to form in the gutters.

The problem with overflowing gutters is that the overflowing can cause seepage onto the wood trim and cause rot. The rot usually occurs to the fascia of the house of which the gutters are attached. Oftentimes, even before the rot begins, the overflowing water can cause the nails holding the gutters in place to become dislodged and the gutters will begin to sag. It’s not pleasant to see the repair dollars add up right before your eyes. Keeping the interior of gutters cleaned is no doubt an inexpensive and wise alternative to the resulting problems not cleaning can cause.

Gutters are made of either aluminum, copper or galvanized iron. If you have gutters that are rusted through they are made of galvanized iron and are not available on today’s market. If you have gutters that are copper colored, oxidized brown or green they are probably copper. All other gutters, if not plastic, are aluminum and may be white, tan, beige, brown, black other colors. The aluminum gutters are the ones that become stained and dirty on the outside and really begin to loose there intended appearance. The gutters have an enamel finish and once dirty are very difficult to clean. The alternative is to paint aluminum gutters, once dirty, the same color as the exterior trim which is less expensive than trying to get them stain free.

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