Exterior Carpentry, Siding and Trim Repair

When referencing the exterior of a home, all of it is siding, trim and the attachments thereof. While the attachments to a home like porches, decks, and shutters may need attention, they do not propose the urgent needs of repair as do the siding and trim. The siding and trim of the exterior are not only for aesthetics but serve a more pertinent responsibility and that is to protect the interior living area from water, wind, dust, debris, cold, heat, and pests.

The greatest cause of repair to any homes exterior is damage by water. If water could talk about your homes exterior it would be saying, ” I am trying to fine a crack in this house that I can get into so that I won’t have to dry. Then I can invite more of my friends over so that we can all work together and create some really soft places to lay around. Eventually, we might even be able to un-build the whole house. ” Water is very damaging and for the purpose of not having to duplicate some preventive measures, refer to our section on Siding and Wood Trim Rot Repair for more information.

​Other than water damage your home may be randomly attacked by wood destroying insects, woodpeckers, squirrels, raccoon s or flying debris. Some sidings like pine and cedar are sensitive to sun and heat which causes it to dry and crack leaving them in need of repair. All in all siding and trim damage can potentially effect the interior of the home if left unnoticed and unattended.

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