Interior doors are very rarely at the top of most homeowners repair list and not given a fleeting thought. As long as the door allows entrance in and out of a room it’s fine. You would be surprised to know that as long as the bathroom door, pantry door and closet door is operable the other doors in the house can be left open and if they are sick, half hung and twisted then so what.

So if you are reading this page, let’s just say that this door problem has been going on for way too long and you just can’t take it anymore. And if that’s not the case, you may be thinking “I just want new doors”. Well, let’s talk about it.

The most common door problem for the interior of a home is the bifold. This door is usually on a closet or laundry area. The door is used a lot and takes a beating which is why it’s the first to break down. It is hinged in the middle of the door where it swings outward but is attached by pins that swivel at on end of the door and slide at the other end. So you have a door that swings, swivel and slides each and every day, no wonder it breaks down. Usually the repair is very simple. The pin that slides operates with a small roller attached to it that moves and is guided is a track above the door. The little roller has a spring below it that allows it to be depressed downward so that the roller can be set free from the track. Once free, the pin can be removed and replaced.

Akin to the bifold door is the slider or retractable door. Homeowners get soooooo tired of those doors falling, not working, tight, or just siting on the floor in the way. The best feature of these doors is that when something frustrates you so bad that you just want to scream, go stand in front of the door and it’ll make the scream better. This door also utilizes a roller that sits in a track but rather having a retractable roller its roller is sits vertically in the track and is secured to the inside of the door with screws. The screws may have become loos or missing which causes the roller to be unsteady and in turn pops out of the track. A new roller or a new screw may be all the door needs.

Now for regular hinged doors you may be having difficulty getting the door to latch and stay closed or the door may be shaky or the door may be too tight and scraping at the top or side edge of the door. If the door is shaky it’s probably due to the screws in the hinges have stripped. Simply remove the faulty screw and replace it with a little larger screw that will hold the hinge tight. If the door won’t stay latched, check the position of the striker ( this is the little metal plate where the door latches) and make little adjustments by loosening the screw and slightly adjusting the striker. The slightest movement can help. If the door is scraping on the top or side edge the door has to be shimmed and if you are not a DIY’er, you need That Good Ole Handyman.

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