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Moisture Barriers, Foundation Leaks, Basement/Crawlspace Waterproofing

​For over 20 years, Charlotte NC homeowners have trusted That Good Ole Handyman to deliver high-quality, affordable home maintenance and repair services. We are crawlspace waterproofing experts; our team of licensed, bonded and insured craftsmen can identify and repair foundation leaks in your home, install moisture barriers and provide you with long-lasting solutions to help prevent costly water damage to your property.

Common Symptoms of Foundation Leaks in Charlotte, NC Homes

Homeowners often first discover foundation leaks with their noses – excessive humidity in the basement can lead an unpleasant, musty odor that lingers in carpets, walls, window coverings, furnishings and clothing.

Other signs of foundation leaks include damp or wet areas in the crawlspace, sagging floorboards, plumbing issues and insect infestations. In some cases serious wood rot, mold growth and structural damage can occur.

That Good Ole Handyman in Charlotte can identify and repair foundation leaks with crawlspace waterproofing, sump pumps and polyethylene moisture barriers.

​What Causes Wet Crawlspaces?​

Many older homes in Charlotte NC were constructed with crawlspace vents; these vents were designed to improve the air circulation throughout the structure prior to the development of central air conditioning and modern HVAC systems.

As the hot, humid outside air enters the house through the crawlspace vent, the air cools down; this causes the air to release moisture, leaving homeowners with wet, water-saturated foundations, crawlspaces and floorboards. Excessive moisture is then evaporated into the air and circulated throughout the house, leading to mold and dampness in all levels of the home.

Newly-constructed homes in Charlotte NC may also have problems with foundation leaks and wet crawlspaces; insufficient site drainage, poor crawlspace waterproofing or the improperly-installed moisture barriers can lead to wet basements and excessive humidity levels throughout the home.

Crawlspace Waterproofing

Crawlspace waterproofing works by addressing the cause of water penetration and excessive moisture. To protect against further moisture damage and lower humidity levels in the home, the entire basement or crawlspace is thoroughly dried out using industrial fans and portable sump pumps.

Foundation leaks are identified and permanently sealed using waterproofing agents such as specialized coatings, sealants and moisture barriers.To prevent future problems with dampness and high humidity, vents may be encapsulated as part of a comprehensive crawlspace waterproofing strategy.

The home is thoroughly inspected for signs of mold, wood rot or structural damage throughout, including safety checks of the electrical and plumbing systems.

Sump Pump & Moisture Barrier Installation

Other crawlspace waterproofing solutions can include the addition of one or more automatic sump pumps designed to evacuate large volumes of water during storms and floods.

If high humidity has impacted the entire house, waterproof polyethylene moisture barrier sheeting can be installed beneath floor boards, behind walls and in the attic to prevent water intrusion into living areas.

​Whether your Charlotte NC house has foundation leaks, needs moisture barriers installed or requires repairs to the crawlspace waterproofing, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation quote – we are dedicated to delivering affordable, quality maintenance and repair services to homeowners throughout Charlotte, NC.​​​

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