Home Inspection Repairs

When buying or selling a home, invariably, the buyer will order and inspection by a state licensed home inspector. Home inspectors have strict guidelines to follow when inspecting a house and making a report. The report is detailed and easily interpreted and the explanations are accompanied with pictures so that there is no misinterpretations of the report.

The items that are cited for repair can be negotiated between the buyer and seller as to what will or will not be repaired and the settlement can be made before or at the closing of the house. Many times the buyer and seller will agree to forego repairs on certain items but the repairs that affect plumbing, electrical, heating, air condition, wood rot and roof leaks are mandated to be corrected.

Often times the inspections require a licensed general contractor in which the Total Service division of That Good Ole Handyman will perform the repairs. With 30 years of experience repairing homes That Good Ole Handyman has the knowledge and ability to handle the myriad of repairs associated with home inspections both efficiently and economically.

Sellers that choose That Good Ole Handyman for home inspection repairs have the advantage of saving themselves the time and trouble of calling and meeting with various repairman to ultimately get the many repairs completed. Our goal is to help homeowners get to the closing as quickly and effortlessly and possible starting with a consultation on the best course of action.

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Your Handyman is Your Best Friend

Some of the requests are for jobs so small that most home improvement contractors don’t have the time or inclination to do them. Good Ole Handyman is willing to do almost any handyman job that may take no longer than an hour to complete.

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