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Here at the Good Ole Handyman, our affordable home repair and maintenance services include professional interior painting, wallpaper removal and wood staining.

Whether you are looking to have a single room painted, a wooden staircase stained or your whole house refinished, we are here to help. No matter what the size of your interior painting project, we are committed to delivering professional quality work at a fair price.

Surface Preparation

The key to achieving a professional, lasting paint job is proper surface preparation. Wallpaper must be carefully stripped, sheetrock requires sanding and all areas need to be as clean as possible.

When completing an interior painting project, it is also important to protect floorcoverings, furniture and trim from stains and drips. In many cases, preparing to paint takes much longer than the actual paint or stain application does, however, this extra work results in a clean, professional interior paint job.

Types of Paint 

There are two basic types of interior paint available: latex (or water-based) and oil (or alkyd-based). Each offers distinct advantages and drawbacks; the paint experts at The Good Ole Handyman will help you choose the right paint type for your project.

Latex Paint

Latex paint is the most popular; it dries quickly, allowing for the application of multiple coats in one day. Modern water-based interior paint is non-flammable and has very little odor thanks to the low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It is available in a wide variety of finishes, including matte, semi-gloss, gloss, eggshell and satin; it can be tinted to match any color swatch or shade.

However, latex paint is not suitable for all interior painting projects – metal and wood surfaces must be sanded and primed, and latex offers poor adhesion to uneven or dirty walls. It is subject to staining, shrinkage and wear marks because even once cured, latex paint remains somewhat soft and pliable.

Oil Paint

Oil-based paint delivers smooth, even coverage that when cured, results in a hard, durable surface that resists staining and shrinkage. It is often used in high-traffic areas and wooden baseboards. Because latex paint will not stick to oil-painted surfaces, oil-based paints are the easiest, most economical choice for refinishing walls where oil paints have been used.

Oil paints do emit a strong odor; the fumes can linger for days, and can be highly irritating to those with asthma or other breathing difficulties. This type of paint requires specialized brushes; clean-up requires the use of heavy solvents such as turpentine or mineral spirits.

Interior Wood Staining 

Interior wood stains are also available in both oil-based and water-based versions; each delivers similar advantages and drawbacks as oil and latex paints do.

When staining interior wood, care must be taken to evaluate the type of wood and the current finish in order to achieve the desired final color. Unlike with paint, once applied, it can be very difficult to lighten the color of wood stain.

Common Paint Problems

Hot, humid climate can have a significant impact on the quality of an interior painting job; high temperatures can cause the paint to dry too quickly, resulting in a cracked surface.

High humidity increases the paint drying (curing) time, and can cause the paint to drip excessively. This leads to poor surface adhesion and a sagging, uneven application.

Other common issues include improper or incomplete surface preparation; stripping wallpaper, filling holes in sheetrock and removing layers of old paint are tedious jobs that many contractors and homeowners tend to rush through.

Call or email The Good Ole Handyman for a free quote on your next interior painting or wood staining project. We offer fair prices combined with a dedication to quality workmanship, making it easy and affordable for you to enjoy the beauty and durability of a professional paint job.

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