Porches and Decks

We install and repair all kinds of porches, decks, outdoor railings and steps.

That Good Ole Handyman offers complete installation, renovation and repair services for decks, porches and railings. Whether you want to enjoy the comfort of a screened porch, the convenience of a backyard deck or you simply need to have a few existing rails fixed, we can help. No matter what the size of your outdoor project, we deliver quality work at a reasonable price.

Types of Porches and Decks

​Decks and porches are available in a wide variety styles and finishes, ranging from a classic southern screen porch to a modern, open backyard deck. Here at That Good Ole Handyman, we can install everything from a compact composite porch to a sprawling pressure-treated multi-level deck, complete with deck railings and built-in seating. We can also build new porch railings and columns that match your home and budget.

There are 4 common deck materials used: treated wood, natural wood, composite, vinyl and aluminum, providing homeowners with a wide range of choices to fit every budget and application.

Treated lumber remains the most popular choice for decks; it is economical to purchase, install and maintain. Also known as pressure treated (PT) lumber, it is usually made from southern yellow pine that has been infused with a rot and insect-resistant chemical.

Redwood and cedar are naturally bug and rot-resistant, delivering chemical-free longevity that is comparable to PT lumber. Untreated decay-resistant wooden decking materials cost about 3 times that of treated lumber; natural wood needs to be power washed annually and weather-coated every few years.

Composite deck materials are made from recycled plastics and/or wood fibers; the cost is comparable to natural wood. It is extremely durable, resists pests and decay, and requires minimal maintenance. In shady, damp areas, regular pressure washing is required to prevent moss and mold from building up on the deck surface.

Vinyl decking is also a popular choice; it is easy to install, and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Vinyl is waterproof and slip-resistant; it is comparable in cost to PT wood, however, it is prone to cracking in extreme heat or direct sunlight. 

Common Deck Problems​​​​

Decks and porches are constantly exposed to the elements, often resulting in rapid deterioration of the structure. Water damage is a common problem for all deck materials, particularly if regular maintenance has been neglected. This can lead to warped boards, splits, cracks and rot.

Pressure treated wood is vulnerable to twisting and buckling, resulting in raised boards and uneven surfaces, while natural wood can shrink, leaving gaps between the boards. Handrails and steps on all types of porches and decks often fail due to weather-related deterioration, improper installation and frequent use.

Another common deck problem is with the footings; the base of the deck may have shifted due to flooding or unstable ground, resulting in an unstable structure.

Porch columns are another source of serious problems for many homeowners particularly among older homes. The wood can rot and the footings beneath the columns can shift, resulting in a serious structural failure that affects the entire porch. If you are having problems with your existing porch, decks or rails, we can help. Call or email That Good Ole Handyman today – we make it easy for homeowners to enjoy the great outdoors with our affordable deck, railing and screened porch installations and repairs.

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