Pressure Washing Services


Pressure washing is exactly that, washing with pressure.  Although designed to clean a large area in a short amount of time with the use of water, anyone that have used a self service car wash knows that the water under pressure is not very effective without the use of a soap or cleaning additive.

Cleaners contain phosphates, surfactants, emulsifiers, dispersing agents, degreasers and neutralizers in varying concentrations to clean specific types of soils, stains and surfaces. Understanding the concept of mixing the proper amount of pressure, water and cleaner based on the type of surface, soil and/or stain is very important to effective pressure washing.

Residential property commands pressure washing. Before painting, it’s imperative that the surface is clean in order for paint to bone well to the surface. Before staining or sealing an aged deck or fence, upgrading the appearance of vinyl surfaces, removing oxidation, mildew or algae and cleaning brick or concrete, pressure washing is needed.

Let us match the proper pressure washing technique with your project.


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Some of the requests are for jobs so small that most home improvement contractors don’t have the time or inclination to do them. Good Ole Handyman is willing to do almost any handyman job that may take no longer than an hour to complete.

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