Siding – Types of Siding

​The types of siding used in residential construction is most dependent upon builder or cedar-board-siding-thatgoodolehandymandeveloper preference and local building standards. Siding choices have a lot to do with the cost of construction which in turn affects the price of a home. Following is a list of sidings most commonly used in residential construction starting from the least expensive.

  • Hardboard Siding – Compressed wood fibers and resins that is finished/covered with a thin layer of paper.
  • Fiber Cement Board – Similar to hardboard siding in appearance but far more durable. Made of sand, cement and synthetics.
  • Vinyl – Engineered plastic which is the same types of plastic used for plastic plumbing pipes known as PVC.
  • Synthetic Stucco – Exterior insulation covered with a thin fiber and resin based coating.
  • Stucco – A mixture of sand, lime and cement.
  • Wood – Usually oak, pine or cedar that is milled according to desired appearance.
  • Brick – Clay that is cured at extremely high temperatures.
  • Stone – Can be natural or faux. Natural stone is cut from quarries and faux stone is a molded cement. Both are set in mortar when installed.
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