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If you have been the victim of vandalism to your home or property, you know all too well how violated you feel after someone deliberately destroys or damages your property. Knowing what to do, who to contact and how to repair your property can be a lot, especially during that initial stage of shock. However, you do need to act fast if you want to file a claim to repair your property.
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What is vandalism? On a legal level, vandalism is an offense that occurs when someone destroys or defaces another person’s property without permission. It can describe a variety of behaviors and covers a great deal of different damages. That Good Ole Handyman takes vandalism seriously and dedicates our business to helping in all aspects from repair to insurance claims.

When one thinks of vandalism, graffiti is often the first thing that comes to mind. Graffiti or spray paint on your property is often considered “art” by the ones committing the vandalism. However, it is not art and is no laughing matter. While it can be painted over easily, keep in mind that vandalism is a crime and must be reported. You should always file a police report in the event others are experiencing the same type of crime.

Insurance Claims Vary

Other acts of vandalism include thrown objects to break windows, damage to doors, break-ins, damage from gun fire and virtually any kind of damage to your property. Depending on the type of vandalism and extent of the damage, insurance claims can vary. Whatever type of vandalism you experience, you’ll find that most insurance companies require some sort of police report be filed with the police. The insurance that covers graffiti can differ from vandalism breakins insurance, for example, even though both are acts of vandalism. Reporting vandalism not only helps you in filing your insurance claim, but it also protects others in the area from further damage.

We will assist you in filing your insurance claims for any acts of vandalism, as they can be a complicated matter. Additionally, in order to receive enough money to properly fix damage caused by vandalism, it is important everything is filed correctly and completely. That Good Ole Handyman is experienced in dealing with insurance companies and resolving claims for our customers.

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That Good Ole Handyman is your “one-stop-shop” to help you handle any vandalism to your property. We pride ourselves on the service we provide and you will not find another service quite like ours. You can trust that the service you receive from us will be comprehensive, professional and courteous. You have been through enough, and you need someone to help you handle such an important matter in a way that minimizes frustration and stress.

Again,we are here to help and pride ourselves in serving homeowners from start to finish in resolving vandalism damages. If you have been the victim of any acts of vandalism, immediately fill out a quote/estimate request form below. You will receive a quick response from us, which is important in getting the claims process started correctly.
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