Walls – Drywall and Sheetrock-Repair in Charlotte

Sheet Rock and Dry Wall Repair Charlotte

The first consideration of addressing the issues of wall repair in Charlotte is to determine the type of wall being repaired and the coating that has been previously applied. Charlotte homes contain plaster, sheetrock, tile, wood and in some cases concrete substrates. Coatings may vary from wallpaper to waterproofing materials to numerous paint finishes and textures.

Our objective at That Good Ole Handyman is to provide Charlotte residents with the most economical means of repairing walls relative to the kind and location of the needed repair.

​Charlotte’s wall repair expert is only a call or click away.

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Your Handyman is Your Best Friend

Some of the requests are for jobs so small that most home improvement contractors don’t have the time or inclination to do them. Good Ole Handyman is willing to do almost any handyman job that may take no longer than an hour to complete.

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