A Team Committed to Providing Affordable Repairs

That Good Ole Handyman is what every homeowner has been waiting for, a proficient and complete one-call home maintenance and repair service with a proven track record. Whether your need repair parts of your home inside out or complete refurbishing, we can help you out.

Mission Statement

To provide low-cost handyman small jobs that the everyday family cannot do themselves.


How We Started

Our founder, Calvance T. Brock, worked as a salesman and found himself in need of extra income. He went door-to-door each week, taking orders for carpet cleaning to meet his needs. As time went on, homeowners began inquiring about services that were needed that required a handyman.

The residents were looking for someone that can work on small tasks or large projects. Access to a reliable and proficient handyman for a reasonable fee was hard to find. That is when our company was founded.

Business Expansion

In the beginning, our company operated as a sole proprietorship called Total Service Company that started in 1984. The company grew from doing minor repair services to performing the complete restoration, renovations, remodeling, and repairs for residential, commercial, and insurance claims projects.

After 30 years passed, our goal to providing a full-service handyman service to homeowners expanded.

We formed three divisions:
Total Service Company: which focuses on larger repair projects
That Good Ole Handyman: which provides affordable handyman services
Total Service Roofing: roofing service replacement and repairs


Why Choose Us

We understand how much your home means to you. That is why we come to you licensed, bonded, and insured with highly skilled craftsmen. Our objective is to satisfy our customers with our output. From start to finish, we ensure you will have the confidence and peace of receiving an efficient service.


Get in Touch With Us

Contact us today for more information. You are welcome to inquire about any home repair or maintenance concerns at our help center.