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Services Too Numerous to List

We’re not kidding, Charlotte. We receive SO many varied requests for repairs we can’t list them all. The best thing to do is call us to discuss exactly what you need.

That Good Ole Handyman is a full service shop. We stand alone since we’ll:

  • Do almost any job — even those that take as little as an hour to complete like:
    • Patch a screen porch
    • Fill gaps in grout
    • Tighten a squeaky floor

Schedule jobs incrementally to fit within your monthly budget


In Charlotte, carpentry repairs and replacement are one of the foremost and most requested services offered by That Good Ole Handyman. Whether interior of exterior carpentry Charlotte homeowners can depend on our years of dedicated service, experience and know how to provide quality and value.As with the number of existing ...
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Doors Replacement – Door Repair – Door Installation – Charlotte

Doors-Replacement – Door Repair – Door Installation – CharlotteOne house in Charlotte may have a door that doesn’t fit properly, another gets full sun all day,still another is fully shaded and stays moist. Some Charlotte homes have outdated patio or storm doors and many more interior and exterior doors just ...
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Exterior Door Replacement

Exterior Door Replacement​As previously mentioned, most exterior doors are labeled prehung, which means that each​ component of the door is assembled at the manufacture or fabricator and made into one unit for ease of installation; hence, prehung unit. The various components of the prehung unit is the slab (the actual ...
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Fences and Fencing

Fence Installation, Fence Removal and Fence Repair:​We install and repair all kinds of residential fencing.Here at That Good Ole Handyman, we have the skills and experience needed to provide you with professional fence repair and installation. Our fence repair services include straightening of existing fences, replacing rotten or missing boards, ...
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French Drain Repair, Standing Water Repairs

Charlotte, NC: French Drains, Lawn Drainage, Standing water The Good Ole Handyman in Charlotte, NC offers affordable French drain installation and repairs for Charlotte homeowners.We can help improve your lawn drainage and reduce the risk of your Charlotte property flooding, protecting you against the high cost of water damage to ...
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French Drains, Lawn Drainage, Standing Water Repairs and Installation

French Drains, Lawn Drainage, Standing water​The Good Ole Handyman offers affordable French drain installation and repairs.We can help improve your lawn drainage and reduce the risk of property flooding, protecting you against the high cost of water damage to your home and yard.Common Causes of Charlotte Property Flooding​Thanks to our ...
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Gutter Cleaning and Gutterguard Installation

Gutter Cleaning and Gutterguard InstallationCharlotte: Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Installation and MaintenanceGutter cleaning and maintenance can be a real concern for Charlotte homes and businesses. Gutters that are not fully functional can cause many unwanted problems. They must be kept clean free of debris and properly aligned.When installing new gutters ...
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Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter Cleaning Services The first thought that comes to mind when gutter cleaning is mentioned is the inside of the gutters that fill up with leaves, seeds, twigs, dirt and roof granules. The other thought is the outside of the gutters that become stained which reduces the aesthetic appearance of ...
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Hail, Wind, Storm, Lightning, Tree Damage Repair

Hail, Wind, Storm, Lightning, Tree Damage RepairCharlotte, N.C. experiences some of the most extreme weather in the United States; hail storms and tornadoes are common from late spring thru autumn, while hurricane season runs from early June to Thanksgiving. Severe thunderstorms can occur throughout the year, while winter brings the ...
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Handyman Fence Repair

Handyman Fence Repair Over time, fences can develop numerous small problems due to weathering, improper installation and age-related deterioration. Wood fences are particularly vulnerable to rotting, splitting and twisting, especially if the wood has become infested with termites or it hasn’t been regularly painted or stained. Both wood and vinyl ...
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Home Inspection and Charlotte Home Repairs

Home Inspection and Charlotte Home RepairsHome Inspections Charlotte:Home buying and selling is on the rise in Charlotte and with that comes the demand for home inspections. Once the findings of a home inspection is completed the next step is to hire a competent and experienced repairman.We at That Good Ole ...
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Interior Door Repair

INTERIOR DOORSInterior doors are very rarely at the top of most homeowners repair list and not given a fleeting thought. As long as the door allows entrance in and out of a room it’s fine. You would be surprised to know that as long as the bathroom door, pantry door ...
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Interior Exterior Wood Siding Trim Repair and Replacement Charlotte

Wood/Siding Trim Repair and Replacement Interior Exterior in CharlotteOn the exterior of homes in Charlotte the trim around doors, windows, soffits, fascia and corners of siding may be made of wood or metal. Door arches, window eyebrows and columns are other trim items to Charlotte homes that may be made ...
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Interior Painting Contractor

Charlotte Interior PaintingHere at the Good Ole Handyman, our affordable home repair and maintenance services include professional interior painting, wallpaper removal and wood staining throughout Charlotte, NC.Whether you are looking to have a single room painted, a wooden staircase stained or your whole house refinished, we are here to help ...
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Joists, Bands and Sills

Joists, Bands and SillsHomes that are supported with floor joists, girders, bands and sills have crawl spaces. Crawl spaces, being not readily visible, can sustain undetected decay by various means. The wood rot can originate from the interior or exterior and the culprit must be determined before any repair or ...
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Leak Detection and Repair, Shower, Tub, Toilet, Faucet, AC Condensation

Common Leak RepairsLeakages: Quick FactsThe average household’s leaks саn account fоr mоrе thаn 10,000 gallons оf water wasted еvеrу year, оr thе amount оf water needed tо wash 270 loads оf laundry.Ten percent оf homes hаvе leaks thаt waste 90 gallons оr mоrе реr day. Тhіs іs literally уоur money ...
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Moisture Barriers, Foundation Leaks, Basement/Crawl-space Waterproofing

Charlotte, NC:Moisture Barriers, Foundation Leaks, Basement/Crawlspace Waterproofing​For over 20 years, Charlotte NC homeowners have trusted That Good Ole Handyman to deliver high-quality, affordable home maintenance and repair services. We are crawlspace waterproofing experts; our team of licensed, bonded and insured craftsmen can identify and repair foundation leaks in your home, ...
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Painting Contractor

​Painting ContractorThat Good Ole Handyman is the Charlotte painting contractor that is a specialist in residential house painting. We painted our first house in 1984 and from then to now have served Charlotte with quality interior and exterior painting. The Charlotte painting industry has remained strong and steady due to ...
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Plaster Walls Repair and Maintenance

​Plaster Walls Repair and Maintenance​Plaster walls are constructed exactly the same as plaster ceilings and both inherently required the same type of care based on the particular circumstance.Please refer to the Smooth Ceilings section to ascertain more information or fill out our contact form below.[contact-form-7 id=”2244″ title=”Contact form 1″] ...
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We offer handyman services in Charlotte and will go the extra mile to help with your handyman repairs or Charlotte home improvement projects.

In the past 30 years that “That Good Ole Handyman” has been servicing the Charlotte community with home repairs, maintenance and improvements, there has been one recurring theme from Charlotte homeowners. That theme is, ” I would like to have one company that I can call and depend on to handle all of my Charlotte home maintenance requirements.”That is the premise for which That Good Ole Handyman was started.

Handyman services in Charlotte can range from replacing a dryer vent, gutter cleaning, miscellaneous caulking or assembling tables and chairs to including a laundry list of items that may involve plumbing, electrical, brick, block and fence repairs. Our Charlotte handyman department only focuses on the small issues of repair services in order to provide Charlotte residents with quick and efficient service for the small jobs.

Aside from our Charlotte handyman department, many of our customers in Charlotte also depend on us for their larger projects. Our Charlotte Installation department meets the need of Charlotte homes by replacing doors, windows, siding, painting, commodes, sinks, faucets, garbage disposals, cabinets, counter tops, tile, texture ceilings, fences, porches and decks.

Many of the installations that we do in Charlotte are initiated due to repairs that are needed because of leaks, moisture, storms, busted pipes, hail, wind, lightning and fallen trees. These types of installations and repairs may require specialized inspection to determine the culprit before an insurance claim is filed. That Good Ole Handyman located in Charlotte, NC has years of experience inspecting homes in Charlotte to determine if a claim is warranted. Our services include free Charlotte Home Inspections, emergency services for water extraction and drying, board ups, tarps, temporary repairs, and providing a detailed estimate that’s standardized in the homeowners insurance industry. Replacing and repairing hundreds of roofs and floors as a result of these causes has made That Good Ole Handyman one of Charlotte’s premier roofing and flooring contractors along with handling the related repairs to walls, ceilings and carpentry.

Ground water in Charlotte proposes a problem for many homes because of poor drainage under crawlspaces, around exterior foundations and low yard areas. That Good Ole Handyman cures these ills by installing french drains and repairing the wood rot and decay that standing water and seepage may cause.

Charlotte residents need not know who to call for home repairs and maintenance. That Good Ole Handyman specializes in maintaining the home from the roof to the floor and more.


Your Handyman is Your Best Friend

Some of the requests are for jobs so small that most home improvement contractors don’t have the time or inclination to do them. Good Ole Handyman is willing to do almost any handyman job that may take no longer than an hour to complete.

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