About Good Ole Handyman

​About That Good Ole Handyman

The concept of That Good Ole Handyman, which is to provide repair services to homeowners for not only major and minor maintenance that is periodically required for all homes, but to also assist homeowners with small services that no one else will do, was conceived in 1982.

At that time, founder Calvance T. Brock, was working as a salesman for a large corporation and found himself in need of extra income. To fill the need he began working door to door each week day evening taking orders for carpet cleaning and fulfilling the order by cleaning the carpets on weekends. As time went on, homeowners began inquiring about services that were needed which required a handyman and not a contractor.

Their dilemma was finding someone that will not only do the larger jobs that may take days to complete but will also do the very small tasks that may take only an hour or two or three complete.

The needs were and continue to be many and varied. Accessing a reliable and proficient handyman for a reasonable fee was highly improbable to find; hence, That Good Ole Handyman was born.

In the beginning the company operated as a sole proprietorship called Total Service Company which started in 1984. The company grew from doing very small repair services to performing complete restoration, renovations, remodeling and repairs for residential, commercial and insurance claims projects.

After 30 years and an extensive amount of experience, the initial objective of offering a full service handyman service to homeowners persisted. Finally the company formed two divisions, Total Service Company which addresses the need of lager than handyman services and That Good Ole Handyman which is dedicated to on the spot, quick and effective services that no one else will do for cost conscience homeowners.

That Good Ole Handyman is what every homeowner has been waiting for, a proficient and complete one call home maintenance and repair service with a proven track record. Whether your need is to have someone handle a very small odd job, repair parts of your home inside or out, complete refurbishing, storm damage restoration, emergency services, leak detection, debris removal, replacing doors, windows, roof, flooring or siding, That Good Ole Handyman is your help center.

Since 1984, That Good Ole Handyman has satisfied homeowner after homeowner and has impeccable credibility as being one of only a few home improvement companies that boast an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Greater Charlotte. We offer the benefit of longevity, experience and knowledge. Your need may be an answer to a simple question, a free no obligation quote, a pressing situation requiring immediate service or an inspection to determine if your repairs may possibly be covered by your homeowners insurance. You are welcome to inquire about any home repair or maintenance concern at our help center.

At That Good Ole Handyman we understand how much your home means to you and it means a lot to us. That is why we have made homes our passion and our passion your home. We come to you licensed, bonded, and insured with highly skilled craftsman so that you will have the confidence and peace of receiving quality and efficiency from start to finish of your project. Our objective is to be assured of having you as a satisfied customer.

If we can’t take on your project, we will let you know and do our best to guide you in the right direction in assessing further help. If we can take your project, we certainly do not want it to be the last time that you call upon our services but the first of many times. Contact our help center for more information or click on one of the areas of specialty below so that we can begin being of assistance, and as always, thanks for allowing That Good Ole Handyman to be of service to you.


Your Handyman is Your Best Friend

Some of the requests are for jobs so small that most home improvement contractors don’t have the time or inclination to do them. Good Ole Handyman is willing to do almost any handyman job that may take no longer than an hour to complete.

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